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Questions and answers

How can I purchase the material?2023-10-17T14:33:41+01:00

Please contact us for more information on purchasing our material. We offer a range of options for both large-scale construction projects and smaller household uses.

Is the material affordable?2023-10-17T14:41:43+01:00

Yes, our material is competitively priced compared to traditional building materials. Additionally, it requires less energy to produce and transport, making it a more cost-
effective choice in the long run.

How strong is the material?2023-10-17T15:06:27+01:00

Our material has been tested to meet or exceed industry standards for strength and durability. It is suitable for use in construction and can support heavy loads. The
strength is comparable to concrete and ceramic clay products.

What are the benefits of using this material?2023-07-27T12:29:57+01:00

Our material is highly sustainable, versatile, and affordable. It can be used for a variety of applications, from building construction to creating household products like
bathroom sinks. Additionally, it is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

How long does the material last?2023-07-27T12:29:21+01:00

Our material is designed to last. It is resistant to water, salt, wearing, weathering, and other environmental factors.

What’s the difference compared to concrete?2023-09-19T09:52:04+01:00

We are able to outperform concrete in strength and durability.

Can it withstand temperatures below 0°C?2023-09-19T09:52:45+01:00

Yes, it can.

Is the material heat resistant?2023-07-27T12:28:16+01:00

Yes, it is.

Is the material inflammable?2023-07-26T13:53:16+01:00

Yes, it is.

Is the material natural?2023-07-26T13:52:08+01:00

Our material is made of sand and our 100% inorganic binder.

Is the material recyclable?2023-07-26T13:51:42+01:00

The material is 100% recyclable and does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.

Is the material plastic or does it contain any plastic?2023-10-18T13:18:59+01:00

No, as it’s an 100% inorganic material.

What is the material made of?2023-07-26T13:50:36+01:00

Our material is made of sand and our 100% inorganic binder.

Where is this material produced?2023-07-26T13:50:05+01:00

Our material is 100% developed and produced in Austria.

What makes the product unique?2023-07-26T13:36:39+01:00

Kruner is the world’s first company transforming sand, including dune sand to construction material.



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