Rondo Uno


Our house-brand luxury wash basin Rondo Uno is long lasting and 100% recyclable. This wash basin reflects identities, dreams and visions made from Kruner Stone, our innovative, sustainable material that is highly durable, moldable, low-carbon sandstone formed with virtually any sand grades. Rondo Uno represents elegant design, superior craftsmanship and caring for the nature.



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  • Kruner Industries GmbH
    Erdbergstrasse 8/2
    Vienna, Austria 1030

Why RondoUno

Manufactured with the next-generation, innovative, sustainable material material, this is a superior choice for modern homes.

Up to 80% less energy

Up to 90% less CO2

100% sustainable

100% recyclable

100% сement free

Our house-brand luxury product, Rondo Uno is a durable stone sanitary ware made without the need for quarrying, cutting and grinding. Compared with ceramic sanitary ware, KrunerStone does not need firing to cure.

No more breaking stones, digging up and draining rivers.