KrunerInso is a low-carbon insulation innovation that uses natural raw materials, safe for use in living environments and for direct human contact surfaces



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Why KrunerInso

Our proprietary insulation uses 100% natural and non-toxic raw materials that are widely accessible and responsibly mined.

  • Sustainable, environmentally responsible
  • 100% natural, non-toxic insulation
  • Reduced energy use, pollutants & CO2 emission.


KrunerInso consumes 60% less energy compared with stone wool production, releasing 70%–90% less CO2 and pollutants.

Non-hazardous, non fossil-fuel substances

It is produced without any fossil-fuel based substances and does not use toxic agents that require heavy regulation.

Superior quality & versatility

Safe & harm-free

KrunerInso is suitable for use in living environments and human contact surfaces.

Next-level quality

  • Lightweight
  • No airbourne microfibres
  • Resistance to fire, heat, frost, acid, algae
  • Mouldable & injectable

Extensive applications

  • Injected insulation for precast walls and perforated bricks
  • Insulation blocks
  • Floor insulation

Global scalability

Ease of adoption, minimal disruption

KrunerInso injection can be easily adapted in existing precast and extrusion plants. KrunerInso blocks can also be installed the same way as stone wool and foam blocks.