KrunerClay is a low-carbon, cost-effective clay innovation that can be hardened without firing into a superior construction material that supersedes traditional clay.



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Why KrunerClay

Sustainable, environmentally responsible

No need for kiln firing

With our revolutionary binding technology, KrunerClay can be chemically hardened into superior clay products without kiln firing.

Cost-effective. High efficiency. Pollution-free.

Without kiln firing, KrunerClay plants are more efficient and cost effective, using 50%–60% less energy. They also release less pollutants with 70%–90% reduction in CO2 emission, without industrial byproduct wastes such as fly ash from burnt coal.

100% natural, harm-free binder

Our proprietary binder uses 100% natural and harm-free raw materials that are widely accessible and responsibly mined.

Superior quality & versatility

Next-level quality

  • 3X stronger: 30–40 MPa
  • Clay brick: 7–14 MPa
  • Faster curing


  • Exact sizing with dust-free, smooth, refined finishing
  • Resistance to fire, heat & frost
  • Mouldable, sawable & customisable
  • On-going tests: Waterproofing / shrinkage / acid & algae resistance

Extensive applications

  • Building & Construction
  • Drainage & Sewerage
  • Lifestyle
  • 3-D printing construction

Global scalability

Ease of adoption, minimal disruption

KrunerClay works like traditional clay and is developed to be used in existing clay extrusion plants.

Ease of adoption, minimal disruption KrunerStone is suited for use in existing precast plants without costly overhaul