Investing in Kruner Industries is an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment while earning great returns. Kruner Industries is committed to bringing sustainable and profitable innovations to the world. With Kruner Industries, you no longer have to choose between financial gain and doing what’s right for the planet.


Kruner Industries is a team of world-class experts who are revolutionizing the construction industry. With no direct competitors who can match their ability to sustainably scale to cement-free construction with up to 90% CO2 reduction as economically and profitably as they do, Kruner Industries is at the forefront of the industry. They have a clear edge over their competitors, utilizing proven technology with readiness levels of 9, which puts us ahead of the rest by a decade. Their green products are not only cost-competitive with non-green products in the current market, but they also have equal or higher specifications. Furthermore, governments worldwide have started mandating carbon-conscious and sustainable products, and Kruner Industries is the only cement-free concrete producer at competitive prices that can use dune sand. Kruner Industries is confident that they are leading the way towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry.


The chance to make a positive impact on the environment and leave a lasting legacy is here. We are currently raising funds to construct our full-scale solution in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with plans to build additional facilities around the world. If you share our vision of creating a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations and want to enjoy attractive terms and a good return on investment, please don’t hesitate to reach out and join us.

Please note:

If you’re a long-term impact investor, this opportunity may interest you. However, if you’re a VC or investor seeking quick exits, it may not suit you. It’s important to note that we don’t plan to exit via an IPO or strategic acquisition. We do offer equity shares. We focus on making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy through collaboration and cooperation with like-minded local partners.



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Our proprietary binder technology is the key to all our material innovations. Our binder uses natural and harm-free raw materials that are widely accessible and responsibly mined. It is 100% inorganic and free from synthetic components. We have succeeded in customizing our binder to fuse with various raw materials to develop a range of breakthrough, sustainable, and high-performing construction products with extensive applications.


Full recyclability contributes to a circular economy.

  • 100% of KrunerRoc material can be granulated and recycled
  • Lowers demand for primary raw material
  • Reduces waste, CO2, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ensures raw material security

KrunerRoc ensures 50% less energy and 80% less CO used. At the same time, it is fully recyclable. 100% of KrunerRoc material can be granulated and recycled for reuse, directly contributing to a circular economy. In this way, it lowers the demand for primary raw materials. It reduces waste, CO2, and greenhouse emissions. In addition, it ensures raw material security.


Our technology has the unique ability to transform dune sand and mining waste sand into high-quality construction-grade material. This innovation not only repurposes waste but also conserves valuable resources.

We’ve eliminated the need for kiln-firing when curing clay, which significantly lowers energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions by a remarkable 80% during production. Our binder technology is a proof to our commitment to environmental responsibility. It not only reduces CO2 emissions but also minimizes waste and pollution throughout the production process. It enables innovations that were previously unachievable with traditional construction materials. It’s a catalyst for a more sustainable and eco-friendly construction industry.